Middle East & North Africa

Today IBRA reaches most countries in the Middle East and North Africa through media. The use of social media has grown a lot in the region. Radio is also an extensive tool in the Middle East. TV channels reaching all over the region broadcast programs produced by IBRA. Interplay between communication through media, follow-up through media platforms and local follow-up teams make it possible for new people to come to faith. In some countries it is impossible to work on site, but people that are alone with their faith in their village can be guided and helped through media.

Please pray with us for the Christians in the region. In some of the countries you can find few evangelical Christians and historical churches. In other countries there are almost no Christians at all. In many places people coming to faith risk persecution.

Days of Harvest 2019-2021
Egypt is a key to reaching the whole Middle East region. The Arabic Spring has transformed into icy winter, yet at the same time God has opened the door for the Gospel to be shared in Egypt. The vast political uncertainty and ISIS’s brutal and horrific interpretation of Islam have lead many Egyptians to question values that earlier had been indisputable for generations. At the same time the persecution of Christians is not as widespread as earlier. New believers may face rejection from family and friends, but they can be relatively safe from persecution from society.

The only large evangelical church within the Arab world is found in Egypt. It serves not only as as a hub for the ministry in Egypt, but also for the whole Middle East. Filadelfiaförsamlingen in Stockholm together with IBRA has established a partnership with this church, in order to seize the door God has opened to Egypt and the Middle East. Through this church we can send out missionaries that have the keys to both languages and cultures of the whole region. Over three years revival campaigns will be held throughout Egypt, through a project called “Days of Harvest”. Big arenas are rented, media campaigns released and invitations sent out to people, in order to spread the Gospel of Jesus! Support this campaign by joining with us in prayer and also through monetary support.

We are reaching open hearts in closed countries

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