The church is something very beautiful. In the Book of Revelation, the churches are referred to – despite their shortcomings – as lampstands of gold. The church has a mission. The job description is to share the gospel to those who have not yet heard. We are here to tell people about Jesus – to make disciples.

On the Swahili coast of East Africa, congregations have seen the gospel reach into entirely new Muslim settings through ordinary people. Through group conversations about the Bible and the impact of God’s Word on life, many people have come to faith and become disciples who share the gosple with people in their surroundings. Because of these ordinary people, we can see how a movement of disciples has emerged that reaches where no one has reached before.

In the documentary Ordinary People, we follow the growth of these discipleship movements on the Swahili coast. We also visit a church in the US that is reaching people in new ways. We hope the documentary will give you and your church the building blocks and inspiration to share the gospel where you are.

The documentary is available on our Youtube channel IBRA_Mission.

Vi når öppna hjärtan i slutna länder

Tillsammans kan vi berätta om Jesus i 60 länder på 100 språk. Bli månadsgivare - ett enkelt och praktiskt sätt att skapa lärjungar tillsammans med IBRA.