We are reaching open hearts in closed countries.

IBRA focuses on countries and people that haven’t yet heard the Gospel. Through radio, tv and social media it is possible to spread the message about Jesus to the open-hearted. Media is an effective tool to reach people that live in closed countries, where there are no local Christians to spread the Gospel.

This is IBRA

Media is our main tool in reaching the unreached. It allows us to reach many people with the message of Jesus fast. We build relationships online with those who are searching for answers on life’s biggest questions, and they are given guidance and teachings on the Bible. For many the journey of discipleship has started with contact through media platforms.

It is crucial that a person that is saved gets deeply rooted in the Bible. Our Discovery Bible Study groups have become an important means to that end. We constantly see how people are drawn to the Word of God and accept Jesus as their Savior. Many Discovery Bible Study groups have developed into new churches. New people discover the Bible, receive the message and become disciples of Jesus Christ.

All of IBRA’s work happens in partnership with local Swedish churches that send out missionaries. Around 80 churches support the 40 Swedish missionaries that work with IBRA. In the field we work with local partners (churches and media organizations) that produce media, handle follow-up and give guidance to people that respond to the messages sent out on different media platforms. IBRA was founded by the Swedish Pentecostal movement in 1955, and today sister organizations exist in both Norway and Finland. IBRA’s role in Sweden is to coordinate the work in the field, but also to inform and inspire people to support with prayer and financial donations.


Media as the tool to reach the unreached

The Great Commission is about making all people – every ethnic group – disciples, according to what Jesus says in Matthew 28:18-20. Two thousand years later much work still needs to be done in order to accomplish what the Lord has asked us to do. The prophetic fulfillment of the Great Commission is ahead of us and cannot be ignored. The Word of God still calls us to pioneer-ship, and the Holy Spirit urges us to fulfill the mission. IBRA wants to work in places where no local churches exist. IBRA wants to operate in those places. Media is a tool that can reach far, beyond visible and invisible obstacles. In the least accessible places, people seek and long for God. By working in places where no local churches exist, IBRA hopes to see people coming to faith and eventually establishing new churches. We have seen that when the Gospel is preached, people want to receive. We see that where the gospel is preached, people receive. When the believer shares the gospel, more can receive. We believe that a movement of multiplication is possible today. We long and work for a world that follows Jesus.

IBRA’s mission is to reach the unreached

This takes us to the following regions. In some of the areas there are still countries with such a small number of believers that Christians cannot even be accounted for in the statistics. Here are also countries that have historical church buildings, but very few evangelical believers.

We are reaching open hearts in closed countries

Together we share the story of Jesus in 60 countries and in 100 languages.