In Asia we mostly work in countries with a Muslim majority population.

Bangkok, Thailand is the home of one of IBRA’s oldest partners, Way of Life, which works with radio broadcasting all over the country. Way of Life offers listeners a foundational course that explains God to a person that does not yet know the Christian values. More than one million people have taken the course and over 1500 individuals annually get saved as a result.

The radio team regularly travels around the country and invites listeners to gatherings, which always results in people deciding to give their lives to Jesus. In 2014 IBRA initiated “Key City Bangkok” which is part of IBRA’s global initiative to make disciples in the middle of vibrant youthful cultures. The hope is that a strong network of many actors will work on many fronts, with the united goal of reaching the youth of Bangkok with the love of Jesus. In the pilot project social media plays a crucial part to communicate with the youth.

In many of the countries we operate in, the resistance to Christians and Christianity is great. In some cases it is forbidden by law or societal norms to change religion. Despite this, we see people starting to believe and gather in homes to have fellowship with other Christians.

In one of the countries, 130-150 people get baptized every month within the IBRA network. In another country, we get 50-70 new contacts each month with people who are searching for God.

In the countries we operate in, the majority of the citizens are very poor. Because of this we use media platforms also to spread crucial information on issues such as health, food, security etc.

IBRA also supports training in media production aiming at spreading the Gospel and inviting to discipleship. Examples in this area are a two-year training at a Bible school in India and also an online course in Mandarin (for China).

We are reaching open hearts in closed countries

Together we share the story of Jesus in 60 countries and in 100 languages.