West Africa

Burkina Faso

IBRA’s ministry in West Africa is often made in collaboration with the local Pentecostal movement – Assemblee de Dieu. IBRA has recently increased its work in Guinea, and especially in the Guinean highlands – Fouta Djallon. As several big rivers flow here (the Gambia river, Senegal river and Niger) the area is usually called “the Water Tower of West Africa”. Our prayer and hope is that streams of living water will flow from the region, and bless the unreached people in neighboring countries to the north and east. We long to see the majority people group, Fulani (that are spread in many Sahel countries), share the Gospel both over geographical spaces but also to other ethnic groups. This is our prayer, please join us.

The two largest rivers, the Niger and the Senegal river flow over the border to Mali. IBRA has  worked in the Bambara language for a long time and has a large ministry in the southern parts of the country. We are happy that we have seen increase in radio broadcasting in Mali, establishments of new Discovery Bible Study groups, more baptisms and the planting of new churches.

Work is being done to reach the least reached people. Recently the four Gospels and Acts was printed in Bambara. IBRA contributed by teaching methods on how to study the Bible. Until now we have not seen many followers of Jesus within the group, but something new seems to be happening.

Local FM radio stations are being used all over West Africa and IBRA broadcasts in many local languages, as well as French. Social media is getting more popular and teams are therefore getting trained to work on the new media platforms.

Islam is the dominant religion within Sahel (stretching from Senegal to Ethiopia), however it is relatively open for us to send our programs.

We are reaching open hearts in closed countries

Together we share the story of Jesus in 60 countries and in 100 languages.